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High Heels Womens Shoes to be banned?! 

I don't know if many of you heard about the news and issue in UK with regards to womens wearing high heeled shoes that instead to wear "comfortable shoes" in the workplace. I am a fan of high heels and been very vocal about that. And I don't even agree to those who set this kind of idea. Okay so I know that many women are finding it hard to wear high heels, but isn't it look even better when you approach your client with a decent attire? Don't be ridiculous! Come on, it is NOT really good to look at a woman wearing office attire with out wearing heels!

So why am I at rage? Well, probably because I really found it a little absurd for them to think about and take notice on the shoes that women wear. For me it's ok to wear Christian Louboutin shoes, Jimmy Choo shoes or Manalo Balhnik shoes. 

Let's go girls!

Red is Beautiful

If there's a color that a woman can think is beautiful, then probably it is red. Do you agree with me? I find women sexy wearing red under garments. I am a woman so I I can say that I look sexy wearing those. LOL

Ok so enough o f naughty thoughts here.

Why do you think Christian Louboutin chose red as his sole trademark on his shoes? Well, I "guess" because of it's sexyness. I have pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes too and whenever I wear them, my friends always look at me and they will always envy me. As if they can't afford to buy! LOL

Anyway, what I love about Louboutin shoes is something that it's symbolizes and the trade it makes. I feel sexy wearing those high heels. How about you? What is your thinking with Chirstian Louboutin shoes?

Womens Designer Shoes: Addictive?

Women have shoe fetish that is so well know anywhere.Sex appeal and allure is what women want and fetish shoes hit the right spot by providing both to women. Any woman can tell you that the perfect outfit needs the right shoes, which is why we will spend all day shopping for them.

Although, there are some women out there who loves shoes and have to have it usually will spend their whole paycheck on shoes alone which is just not cool, but sometimes you just have to do that because women know that buying womens designer shoes is a very addicting habit, but as a woman, you just can't let a certain pair of shoes go.The different styles like pointed shoes, stilettos, and shoes with wedges make women buy them without any second thoughts.

Womens Designer Shoes- Manolo Blahnik

Besides bags and purses, shoes are items that women cannot have enough of. In fact, a woman cannot have too many pairs of womens designer shoes. Some even have a pair in each color for every outfit. Others who can afford to spend so much have a specific pair for every outfit that they have. Celebrities even have one for every outfit that they have worn on the red carpet of awards nights and premieres.One of the most popular designers of women shoes is Manolo Blahnik shoes. The shoes that carry this brand are said to be synonymous to high-heeled and beautifully crafted and designed shoes worn by famous celebrities like Madonna and the main stars of the hit TV series, Sex and the City.

Noted for their individual beauty and flattering fit, Blahnik shoes have become one of the most sought after women designer shoes out there. Made from high-grade and high-quality raw material, Blahnik shoes are also popular among the women designer shoes line because of its unique and whimsical designs inspired from various eras such as the Regency Era and Rococo Periods.

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Love that Miu Miu Shoes

Who knows the complex thoughts of Prada? Her Miu Miu presentation, which closed the international season, seemed like a metaphor for fashion now: individual, interesting and filled with oblique and obscure references.

The line is known for its clean and stylish designs, use of fine materials, and affordable prices with its classic but super cool designs. A Miu Miu shoes will take you from the most uptown eaterie to the hippest nightspot. Ballerina skirts and Harlequin prints are stand-out looks for spring.

Jimmy Choo Shoes

If you happen to be a fashion and shoes lover, then you must be familiar with so many fashion designers. And if you love shoes the most, Jimmy Choo shoes will always be on your list. Jimmy Choo phenomenon is far more global than local, with over twenty independent shops worldwide, as well as a number of concessions within luxury-goods department stores.

Jimmy Choo shoes has a large number of shoe designs. There are  number of its evening sandals have long straps that are wrapped around the calf, and create an extremely sexy and classy look, but there is plenty to choose from amongst the more sedate and sensible styles, such as black satin pumps with a pointed toe. For stylish everyday business wear, Jimmy Choo is unsurpassable. No Doubt! :)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes

 Marc jacobs is known for his accompanying accessory lines—bags loaded with pockets or buckles, round-toed boots, pointed flats, metallic evening shoes—garner attention and in-store waiting lists every season. Working as the Creative Director of the prestigious French design house Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs is no doubt one fashion designer icon that every woman loves.

Because of his popularity his Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes are now recognized because of his notorious for his peculiar choices in models for his advertising campaigns. His designs from boots, to flats to high heels are not only simply gorgeous but of course very hot.

You can check out the official Marc Jacobs store from these countries and cities: Europe (Paris, London, Madrid, Copenhagen and Moscow), the Middle East (Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai and Kuwait), across Japan (multiple locations in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, Sendai, Shizuoka, Nagano, Chiba, Matsuyama, and Tottori), Korea (multiple locations in Seoul) and elsewhere in Asia (multiple locations in Hong Kong and Taipei, as well as Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, and Bangkok).

Marc Jacobs Flats

Are you one of many women who's more comfortable wearing flats? I know that some women find it more sexy wearing high heels, but nowadays, wearing flats will make you sexy too.

Marc Jacobs Flats is one of the designer flats that women wear right now. These flats designs are not just an ordinary flats that we see around. Marc Jacobs created a lovely, cute and chic designs on these flats. I just don't know why he chose to do designs of mouse on his creations, but they look so beautiful.

Mischa Burton and Sienna Miller are few os the celebrities that I've seen wearing. I don't own any Marc Jacobs Flats yet...but i would love to have one if someone will give it to me this Christmas. :)

Balenciaga Boots

Let's talk about styles and being different...
I love reinventing things around me. I love to expose my self on new ideas and experiment with it. When it comes to shoes, I love to try everything that's new. Wonder if I am one of you who loves this Balenciaga boots? Well count me in please. This Balenciaga boots was inspired by the Gladiator's sandals which happen to be a so long time ago...meaning it's History. But not with Balenciaga, 'cause he brought History to the present.

Many would say that this boots look hideous...But not for me, 'cause this boots is simply of my wishlist. I can say it's something that's unique and in style.

Balenciaga Shoes

Women love shoes....no doubt. If you ask me, I am one of the millions of them. One of the womens shoes that I love most is that of Balenciaga. Balenciaga is one of womens designer shoes who never stops creating great designs every Collection. Many women adore his creations because they're something unique and elagant. Balenciaga's latest designs captured every women's desire when it comes to design. Balenciaga shoes is actually one of the growing numbers of shoe brands that women like. This designer chose the perfect color and designed new styles that women are craving for. Mary Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan are some celebrities who admire this shoes.

Womens Designer Shoes - What Makes Them So Special

When I am shopping for shoes, I always look for quality, comfort and style. No matter how much the shoes will cost me, as long as I know they will give me the things that my feet need, then I will surely buy women's designer shoes. One time my niece asked me, "why most of your friends always go for those shoe where as they're so expensive?" and it made me think for a little while. So I am going to answer her question through this article. What makes designer shoes so most-wanted?

We can't deny the fact that women are so wanting designer shoes so bad. It's either because they love to wear it, or because they want to be fashionably in. But what makes these shoes in demand to women? Although the prices are so expensive, yet many women love to have one. Let us sight some of the facts about designers shoes and what makes women crave to own them.

1.) They are made as if they are made especially for you. They are made not just for nothing. They serve a purpose in every person who will use them. They are made not just to be worn, but also be used in a specific way.

2.) They are made from a high-quality materials. Quality is the magic word for this kind of shoes. When you buy shoes, you always want them to last not just for days or months, but for years. That is one good thing about designer shoes that most women are looking forward to.

3.) They are made to be trusted. Designers are not only selling shoes just to make money, but they want people to trust them as well. Yes, there are a lot of shoes, but which one is trustworthy enough to give you the quality and comfort that you want? You can be sure of the quality of the materials used for the shoes as well as the workmanship involved in making the product.

4.) They always assure durability. When buying shoes, we want to buy one that is durable. We don't buy shoes that cost thousands of dollars only to find out that a day of using it- the color fades, the heels crack or the straps break. Designer shoes make sure that there is an exchange of great value to your money.

You can not have a designer shoes for $50 or even $100, expect that the prices are always high. But because women nowadays are enjoying a lot of different styles and are looking for something that make them unique, then no matter how much the price is, they won't mind at all. Designer shoes are well worth the money. What makes designer shoes to be most wanted? They are worthy be owned.

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Louis Vuitton Shoes

 If there is one fashion designer that made marks to women and is famous ever since, it's gotta be Louis Vuitton. This famous fashion designer never gives up his newly acquired ideas in every thing that he make. From his famous trends in bags, shoes, jewelry and many others, Louis Vuitton will always be a certified high class in fashion. From the humble origins as a trunkmaker, Louis Vuitton has always been a trendsetter, progressively developing a range of luxury products consistent with the brand's values.

When I was young the only designer that I knew was him. My Mom will go to the mall and she'll chose different types of shoes and when she tried them on, I asked her "Mom is that Louis Vuitton shoes?". No wonder why I am so in love with every shoes he's making. Even if you are not a fashion lover, I'm sure you know this guy. Who is Louis Vuitton? Ask anybody and sure they will have the answer.

Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes

 Jimmy Choo Shoes are very expensive, and yes there can be very little to them, but they are comfortable, and easy to wear. But what does it matter when you know you're walking in a pair of Jimmy Choo and phenomenon is far more global than local, with over twenty independent shops worldwide, as well as a number of concessions within luxury-goods department stores.

If you are a bride who is looking for a perfect pair of bridal shoes on your wedding day, you can choose from variety of Jimmy Choo bridal shoes in satin ivory pumps or strappy sandals.  These bridal shoes come in styles ranging from sultry and seductive to sexy in a schoolmistress sort of way.  The prices will set you back a little, but quite frankly shoes that could serve as works of art as well as comfortable footwear are worth every penny. 

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Buying womens Christian Louboutin Shoes  is very easy.  For women who seek for the right shoes for them and if they want to buy a pair of Louboutin shoes, then it's a click away from their PC's. Well, I guess that's the reason why women who are fascinated by shoes are always updated with what's new to the fashion industry, right?  Christian Louboutin  shoes are made for women, whether for the sake of being sexy or for looking more sophisticated.  The creations of one of today's most beloved shoe designers like Christian Louboutin, shown on runways  shows are now being the top of the list for women who are fashionistas.

Marc Jacobs Boots

High fashion doesn't come cheap. And everybody knows that. One of the gorgeous womens designer shoes that we all want for is Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs is known for his hip, sexy and fabulous shoes.  Well, almost all of the well know fashion icons love his shoes. And fashionistas around the world would want these shoes. No one will doubt your fashionista status when you are wearing Marc Jacob boots for sure. These boots, but there's no denying Marc Jacobs has created something so unique and so strange it begs for a second look.

More than just a boot, these are destined to become an extension us. ;)

Image source: http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/6952/mbymjslouchbootsrn5.jpg

Miu Miu Shoes

I went to the mall awhile ago and something caught my eyes. This Miu Miu shoes captured my attention and this Miu Miu shoes is one in a million to me. I want to own this kind of shoes today! Only if I have enough $$$$ on my wallet.

Okay, so what made me crazy about this shoes? I love the style and the color! I want to pair this to the cute floral pink dress that my Mom gave me on my 24th birthday last June. I haven't wear the dress yet, because I have no shoes to pair with it. Shall I say, the wait is over now? Miu Miu shoes will be the perfect match! Well, I guess I'll stop my ramblings here...December is coming and I hope that there's a one person who can give this perfect shoes to me.

Manolo Blahnik Footwear

Did you know why many women feel more sexy wearing high heels than wearing flats? Because they say the higher the heel, the longer the leg and the more flattering the style. It's one of the reasons these shoes have become the "must have" item for any fashion-forward female. These high heels shoes can be found on list of  different styles of Manolo Blahnik footwear.

Manolo Blahnik's design is something that makes women asking for more. Addictive? I guess so. I have one pair of Manolo, just one pair which was given to me by my Boyfriend on our second year anniversary. He knew I am so in love with shoes and especially Blahniks. What I like about this designer shoes, is the elegant design and it's really durable I'm telling you. Although spindly heels and pointed toes form the mainstay of the collections, Manolo's come in all shapes and sizes. There are pretty ballet flats and kitten heels, so you'll have no problem finding a pair of Manolo's to suit every occasion.

Manolo Blahnik footwear comes from a selection of thong sandals, which come either with heels or without. You'll even find mules in both leopard and tiger print.

Jimmy Choo Flip Flops: Perfect for Summer

Jimmy Choo is known for his well known designs in shoes and bags. Now many women are loving flip-flops, Jimmy Choo gives women new styles of comfortable yet stylish and chic flip-flops. We can't always wear high heels right? So now it's time to try something wear we feel comfortable.

These Jimmy Choo flip flops  is wearable that you can even dress down with jeans and up for evening or lunch with friends! These flip flops are so perfect for summer and are comfortable to wear. It will always be good wearing them when you go to places to chill. And could even make anyone look tan and fabulous.

Fashion will always do everything to comfort us. It always suit our tastes. If I like wearing boots, shoes, sandals ot even flip flops, I know I can have them anytime. It doesn't matter what you have on, in these, it's all anyone will notice.

Balenciaga Gladiator Sandals

Balenciaga shoes are not only popular to every celebrity. But also to every ordinary woman who loves designer shoes. I can say, that I am one of those women  who love this shoes. One of their coolest collection for me is the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2008 Gladiator Runway Heels! This Black & White Balenciaga gladiator sandals is perfect for any outfit. It's one of the things that I like most in Balenciaga, they make a product that is wearable in any outfit that you like. Lovely isn't it?

Women Designer Shoes in the World of Fashion

Women will always have a huge love when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories.  Because of their love with fashion, they are always ready to discover new fashion statement to express their own styles. Every woman has her own unique style and all you have to do is to tap your own and be confident in sharing your fashion sense to the world.  In the world of fashion womens designer shoes has always been placed on the same level with clothing. Every age, every new stage of fashion-industry development presented us with new works of shoe art. And you must admit that designer shoes are integral part of every women who's living in fashion's wardrobe, and by the way it is subject to fashion vagaries no less than clothing or accessories.

Fashion world will always change from one time to another. It will never stay in one statement, instead every thing is changing so fast and same as the human wants. In the modern world every individual is conscious about life style, about how they live as fashionable as they want. Well, in fashion no body wants to be called backward or bear the risk of style disaster in any way.

 Whether you are fashionable or not, nothing makes an outfit look sexier than a pair of great shoes. This makes every woman should make sure that they have a pair or two in their wardrobe. There are something's which are changing so fast than time. Just like the fashion, trend and lifestyle of people. In this busy life style it is too difficult for any individual to update him self from new trends.